My passion & vision

Bringing people to a place of wholeness and intimacy with God, helping people discover and develop their talents and abilities, helping children and youth succeed academically, emotionally, socially and creatively, and training up Christians and challenging them to boldly live out their faith in every arena of society is my passion.


what i believe

I believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and God’s Word is the final authority on every topic. 

I believe that God still speaks to us both through His Word and through His Spirit and we can learn to walk in tune with Him through relationship.


Laughter is good medicine

I am a teacher, worship leader, performer, creative director, event planner, life coach, prayer minister, and most importantly, a beloved daughter of God.

I love Jesus, life, and people, and I LOVE to tell others about what He has done for me and what He wants to do for them too. 

Oh, and I love to laugh! While I can be intense and serious when the situation calls for it, mostly, I am chill and overflowing with joy. Sometimes, (ok, most of the time) I’m as excitable as a puppy! Life is an exciting adventure when you know God! I’ve learnt how to be at peace and to trust God when life doesn’t make sense and how to have a more balanced life. Now, I wasn’t always that way, but God did a good work in me, and He can do a good work in you too! IF you are willing to let Him…

Most of the time, I also appreciate trying new things. I enjoy teaching (it’s not just a job for me), spending time with my family and friends, atving, skidooing, acting, directing plays, singing, making music, and, most of all, equipping people to live the life that God has for them.

I am living proof that God directs our steps and there is something amazing on the other side of our Yes! to Him. He really does have a wonderful and unique plan for each of us, and while growth and change are uncomfortable, it is always worth it. 

Life is an adventure

Change is never comfortable, but there is something wonderful on the other side of our willingness to step into the unknown. Don’t let fear hold you back.

Helping people become whole

I have experienced first-hand how God heals the heart, and sets people free from the prisons of their past.

Performing and Directing

I started performing at church at the age of 5 and I taught concert band in a large high school for 17 years. The stage is my comfort zone and I help others get comfortable there too.

Teaching is my passion

I LOVE to help people “get it”. Giving people the tools, and confidence, to tackle the things they think they can’t, makes it all worth it.

Background & Training

  • I am a certified prayer minister through Elijah House Ministry School and have a certificate in General Christian Counseling from Canada Christian College. 
  • I am also a certified Community Service Chaplain through the Church of God.

  • I have served as a Children’s ministry director, worship leader and Sunday School teacher and have a heart to see children and families encounter God and live from a place of deep intimacy.

  • I have been actively involved in teaching and ministry for over 25 years and I have a Bachelors  degree in Secondary Education from McGill University with a double major in English and Ethics and Religious culture. I taught high school music, drama, and ethics for 17 years in a public high school and was the Arts Department Coordinator for my school and was the Arts consultant for my school board and consulted for the Quebec ministry of Education for the Arts.
  • I am the creator of SWAT (Students Working Artistically Together) an after school performing arts program that brought powerful and positive messages into all the elementary schools in my school board.

My Coaching, Teaching & Mentoring Style

Working with someone you don’t know can be a little scary, here is a glimpse of what you can expect.

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Programs & Trainings

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Theatrical Productions

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Happy Students

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