Music Lessons

Music lessons for beginners

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Take time to pursue your dreams and develop your passion. You don't need any skill to be a musician. You just need to have a desire to learn and a love of music. I will teach the rest!

Discover the joy of music

Choose your plan

Note: There is the option of group lessons. Prices are determined by the number of people. Please contact me for more info.


30 mintues
$ 25 Per session


45 minutes
$ 35 Per session


60 minutes
$ 45 Per session

Lessons your way

Lessons can be taken in 3 different ways 

in person @ my home studio

Parents of minors will be able to wait in the comfortable waiting area and listen in on lessons without being a distraction.

In person @ your house

Only valid for 60 minute lessons and there will be an additional cost for travel depending on the distance.


Students must have the appropriate technology, access to stable internet and either Zoom or Google meet.



The first payment covering weeks1-4 must be payed BEFORE the first lesson. The second payment must be payed by the 4th lesson.


Lessons must be canceled 24 hours prior via text message or a phone call for a valid reason. Not attending class will hinder progress.

Books & Rentals

Students will be informed which books they must purchase before the first lesson. Students who need to rent an instrument can do so through Steve's music.


Students are expected to practice regularly as it is the only way to see improvement, develop skill and increace comfort and ability.

Music & Teaching background

17 years experience

high school music teacher

Cheryl Ann is a master teacher and makes learning for beginners fun and easy while laying a solid foundation of proper technique and musical theory.

Fun & Stress-free

individuals & large groups

Cheryl Ann’s passion for life and music are contagious for both children and adults. She is comfortable teaching individuals and large groups and makes learning fun & stress-free.


boredom buster

Cheryl Ann is engaging and dynamic. Students learn quickly and gain confidence that transfers into every area of their lives.



Cheryl Ann is aware that every student learns at their own pace and has a proven method to help students overcome the hurdles and challenges of learning something new.