Prayer Ministry

What is prayer ministry?

Prayer ministry is prophetic ministry that brings about deep heart healing and uncovers the hidden roots of persistent patterns. It connects a person to the heart of God and allows them to experience the freedom that Christ bought for us on the cross and it brings you to a place of wholeness and abundant life. 

My experience with inner healing and prayer ministry

Before I trained at Elijah House School for inner healing and prayer ministry, Holy Spirit personally walked me through inner healing for areas of my life that were a mess and were holding me back. I could not explain the process, but it was powerful and thorough, albeit very uncomfortable. Through this Spirit-led process I stepped into the freedom that I had been praying for. Only after getting trained with Elijah House did I realized that I had been walking others through a similar process for many years. Prayer ministry reaches into the parts of our lives that have been fractured by painful experiences and allows God to make a person whole.

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About the process

Your life experiences are the starting point for exploring the areas where you most need healing and deliverance. While hearing your story, a prayer minister will actively listen to Holy Spirit and help you hear from God for yourself to be able to hear truth and identify what is in your heart and where to start receiving heart healing from God. By taking time to examine issues and hearing God’s truth for your situation, your heart can be mended, and you can be free from the scars of your past that have held you back from truly experiencing life.    

My services

Individual Prayer Ministry

You can experience healing from anxiety, depression, confusion and life's painful experiences.

Couples Ministry

It's all about bringing you and your significant other to a place of emotional health and spiritual freedom.

Family Ministry

This ministry helps bring emotional healing and break family patterns.

How to become a prayer minister

Helping others experience heart healing is a powerful way of ministering Isaiah 61:1

Are you ready for prayer ministry?

  • Are you a born again Christian?

  • Are you ready to examine recurring patterns in your life or areas where you have been stuck?

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What is Elijah House?

Elijah House is an inner healing ministry that equips and empowers individual hearts to be healed and changed. Truly, fully, and completely. We facilitate inner healing via prophetic prayer ministry and pastoral counseling to people all over the world.

Elijah House Ministry brings the power of the cross through the Spirit and the Word working to heal and restore families.

They offering training through their online ministry schools.